Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Fave! Aaaaauuuummm....

So Systematic

You had me from the moment you walked in
clock tickin on the wall said half past 10
You didnt say a word let me begin
That left me wanting more

You ordered me another glass of wine
slowly took apart the puzzle of my mind
left all our definitions undefined
waitin at the door

You make me feel like i can breathe underwater
You keep it new and every time feels like the first

Baby lets hold on to the way we have it
Right now
Maybe well escape a love thats systematic
find a way to keep this feelin new
like the first time I met you

You're my sweet Moroccan tea my Cinnamon
You got me cravin your fingers on my skin
and when u come a little closer I fall in
deeper than before

If I overlook at you and I stare
If I over think the clothes that I wear
its cause youre givin me a reason to care
I couldnt ask for more

i dont want this to become
methodical, so typical, unoriginal no no no
i dont want time to change
our spontaneity, our intensity
Lets keep it real, yeah

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